YoungShip´s julehilsen

Det nærmer seg slutten av året, og som ganske fersk generalsekretær i YoungShip har jeg forfattet en felleshilsen og oppsummering av året som har gått til våre uvurderlige medlemmer og samarbeidspartnere. Dugnadsarbeid som vi gjør i YoungShip er helt avhengig av mye frivillig innsats, velvillige bedrifter og ressurspersoner i næringen – og selvfølgelig aktive og engasjerte medlemmer.

Jeg er utrolig stolt over hvilke utrolige ressurser vi har blant medlemmer og tillitsvalgte i YoungShip, og blir ekstra motivert av å se hvor mange dyktige og dedikerte unge folk vi har i maritim næring. Det må lederne deres huske å ta vare på!

Her er den i sin helhet, selvfølgelig på engelsk:


Dear members, supporters and cooperating organisations,

2011 is coming to an end, and we wish to express our deepest gratitude towards all of you for the positive involvement and contributions, elements that are cruicial for a non-profit organisation run by and for young people in the maritime industry.

Less than 7 years after Georg Nygaard founded the first networking group in Bergen, YoungShip has now become international. Despite of challenging markets world-wide YoungShip experience good growth, within existing branches and brand new establishments.

For the very first time, YoungShip´ers can attend Christmas gatherings in Bergen, Haugesund, Møre, Oslo, Kristiansand, Stavanger, Rio, Singapore and Cyprus. Not bad for an organisation run 99 % on volunteer work…! We are also warmly welcoming the increased interaction between the regional maritime hubs as well as cooperation with other maritime organisations.

This great development require a more professional service to our members and supporters, in which the launch of our new international website will play an important role. Through this site we will keep you posted on all YoungShip activities throughout the world.

As you are now visiting us, please check out our on-going activities and news. Non-members can also sign up for newsletter subscription. We kindly ask all our current members to create a new membership profile, as we wish to ensure having your updated details to improve the communication & support.

Growth and Development. For YoungShip as an organisation 2011 has been a year of increased national and international cooperation. Our West Coast Conference in September gathered more than 120 members from all parts of the country, hosted by Bergen and Møre. New branches are established in Brazil and Cyprus, and YoungShip Singapore has continued its positive development since the 2010 launch. Our network now counts more than 2.500 individual young members.

After constructive national board meetings in Haugesund and Ålesund, YoungShip International was formally established this autumn. Mari Bygstad (YS Bergen/Wilson ASA) is elected new Chair of this umbrella organisation, while Johan Frederik Hald (YS Stavanger/Sparebank1) holds the role of Vice Chair. Birgit M. Liodden (YS Oslo) has taken up the role as Secretary-General and will step down from the national board during spring 2012.

A strategy meeting in Oslo in October ensured good alignment of vision and focus area for the organisation for the years to come. YoungShip will keep a particular focus on developing the young generations´ knowledge and interest for environmental developments, innovation and entrepreneurship. Visit for our new vision and additional details.

Supporting the Industry. Norwegian Shipowners Association extended their cooperation with YoungShip this year, on areas such as innovation, communication and environment. YoungShip will continue to take on an active role in challenging the established shipping community, taking our part of the responsibility for future development and competitiveness of the maritime industry.

International Visibility. YoungShip has represented the young generation in international forums, such as the Judging panel of Lloyd´s List Global Awards and as Chair of Maritime Cyprus´ Young Executives seminar. We also hold a seat in the Expert Committee of the Thor Heyerdahl International Environmental Award 2012. We have gained positive attention within the maritime media channels, with featured articles in Fairplay, Lloyd´s List and TradeWinds, as well as several maritime blogs. Our events during Nor-Shipping gathered more than 1.000 participants from 20 countries throughout the week.

Thank You! None of this could have been achieved without the contributions of dedicated active members, good support from the community and companies. A special greeting goes to all the companies who have hosted and sponsored our events and seminars throughout 2011. Your support plays an important role in building the foundation of future prosperity for our industry.

From the local & central boards of YoungShip, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

On behalf of YoungShip International

Birgit M. Liodden, Secretary-General

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