Challenging the establishment… My first visit to the IMO!




After a hectic (but fun!) Nor-Shipping week in Oslo, it was time to jump on a plane to London this Monday. IMO (International Maritime Organization) is the United Nation´s specialised agency with responsibility for the safety and security of shipping, and the prevention of marine pollution by ships. In other words, IMO is responsible for defining and implementing global regulations related to safety and environment for our industry. IMO is set up similar to WHO (Health), WTO (Trade) etc. Their head office lay beside the Thames, and was opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1983.

It is now a year since the 100-year memorial for the Titanic, and the IMO for the first time organised a new type of global meeting, the first Ship Safety Symposium. I received an invitation to speak alongside industry experts such as Dr. Martin Stopford earlier this spring, and of course couldn´t resist this opportunity to bring our message across. Being asked to give a “thought-provoking” presentation, it´s needless to say that I definitely kept to the request.

Being the youngest speaker at the event, where 3 out of 30 were female, I assume that I stirred the audience quite a bit by introducing the first ever rap-video being played at this prominent venue. And I handed out a few harsh messages ref. to the NOX regulations and the Polar Code, asking what the audience would tell their kids & grandchildren in the future when not pushing the regulations our industry needs. Also, I opted the chance of pinpointing our competence challenge, and link to our industry´s lack of visibility. As Sustainable Shipping quoted me in their article; Shipping needs new role models! 

Challenging the audience on gray hair & suits, I am in for some beating of course. But they took it quite well, and the discussions afterwards were great!! Good involvement, and I even got some good support from Martin Stopford 🙂





Photo credits: IMO – International Maritime Organisation

Was supposed to get on the last plane back to Oslo, but due to some problems I got stuck and spent the first hours of my 31st birthday at Gatwick Airport. Cold, tired and just wanting to get home to my little one, I can assure you there´s no hint of glamour or champagne factor in this line of work 😉 But as shipping is a close global community in a small world, I was (as usual) lucky enough to meet someone familiar… Consuelo Rivero from WISTA Spain (Board member of WISTA Int.), was also spending the night there – caught in between flight transfer on her way back from the WISTA Mediterranean Conference in Greece. Great to chat away some nightly hours!

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  1. You should have told me it was your birthday. We could have toasted with our water bottles.
    Consuelo Rivero

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