Yet another year older (& wiser..?) – Birthday Girl!!

2013-06-11 14.17.45Arrived safely back in Oslo 9AM on Tuesday, and was expecting a quiet day with absolutely no plans or intentions to celebrate my 31th year. But my better half had something up his sleeve…..! Instructed to get dressed and bring a sweater/outdoor wear, I didn´t even get time to brush my hair (which was a “bit” tangled after airport bench-nap).

Oslo first stop, and an hour massage which was heaven for a pair of tight shoulders. Then back out, driving for 20 min´s and just as I´d figured out that the surprise must be a lunch at a tourist cabin (Kleivstua), Espen pulls over and says; “you´re next!”. I hadn´t even noticed the guys near the side of the road, unpacking their gear, and obviously thought he was joking.

But – – – no…!! So here´s the picture proof; my first hang-gliding experience. What a kick – what an adrenaline rush!! What a great & completely crazy birthday surprise! WOOOOWWW! Rounded off with lunch in the sun 🙂


2013-06-11 14.31.03

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