Once again, the maritime glass ceiling is raised!!

The International Chamber of Shipping conducted their annual General Assembly during Nor-Shipping last week, and for the first time elected a female Vice Chair. About time, and certainly a skilled and competent resource for the Board going forward!

Karin Orsel is one out of 4 VC´s, the other three being Gerardo Borromeo (Philippines), John Lyras (Greece) and Esben Poulsson (Singapore). Karin is a great and strong woman, a true inspiration to other engaged women (and men) within our industry. She is CEO of Management Facilities Group, and the current President of WISTA International. She is also a Board member of the Dutch Shipowners Association, where she has been involved since 2004, and also chairs the economic affairs committee.

Karin also won the Dutch female entrepreneurship prize ‘Vrouwelijke ondernemer van het jaar’ in 2009, organised by the Federation of Businesswomen. An impressive list of achievements, which I expect to continue in the years to come..! Congratulations Karin, and thank you for being a superb role model!! 🙂


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