Babes on a bus; Gothenburg – Netherlands – Argentina!


Just a few days after returning from a great and really successful trip to Genoa, we´re heading out of Oslo again. Destination Gothenburg tomorrow morning for World Maritime Day conference, under the headline “Green Challenges for a Blue Industry”. I´m booked to talk about our industry´s attractiveness in terms of recruitment. Which is among my favourite topics to discuss, provoke on and (hopefully) provide some new ideas on.

Also, after some coordination and practical planning, I just booked my trip to Amsterdam/Rotterdam in November.


Will be speaking at Europort 2013 & WISTA Netherlands´seminar on Thursday 7th, then combined with a “slight” detour south-eastwards which will bring us to Argentina. The trip will as most of my travels, be a combination of business + pleasure, as we´ll finally get to visit Knut´s Godmother & my friend (aka senior clone) CarolineBorgersen, who runs the Imperial Park Hotel in Buenos Aires. We´ll stay in the Paris of South America for 16 days, so it should give plenty of time both for work & relaxing.

Mum on the road (or on a plane…), as you can see. Exciting and much fun to come!


Once a vagabond, always a vagabond! (Mum or not.. ;-))

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