World Maritime Day at Chalmers Technical University

WMD ChalmersHappy World Maritime Day!! Remember to send an extra “thank you” to all the excellent & hard-working seafarers who through their daily work enables us to enjoy the benefits of global trade, shipping our iPhones/iPads, TVs, cars, make-up, furniture, food, clothes, energy, etc. across the 7 seas. What would we all do without them…??!!

LINK: Presentation at Chalmers Technical University

Links to live-stream of my presentation during the Swedish celebration of the 34th World Maritime Day, compiling some key challenges for the shipping industry to improve, in order to gain better attractiveness among young talents. NB; The speech is in Norwegian, while slides contain English text.

In the web-streaming, my presentation starts around 02:22 and lasts for approximately 15 minutes. Feel free to provide your feedback, I´m always looking for ways to improve 🙂

Thank you to WISTA Sweden and Lena Göthberg for inviting me to Chalmers University to share some young perspectives, for providing the wonderful Annicka who looked after Knut while I was on the stage, and for a great social mingling session afterwards!

Good night from a pair of sore feet currently curled up in a big chair with a nice view of Gothenburg port, a few floors up from the Grieg Star office (Best Western Gothenburg). Baby fast asleep, and I just got a brand new book as speakers´gift to enjoy with my cheap Mongolian take-away… Nice!

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