Leadership, empowerment & bananas

ImageAn ordinary day at home. I am hungry so I grab a banana. Baby wants the banana. From work life I learnt that empowerment is good.  Baby empowerment = hold your own food while eating. So I hand baby a piece of the banana. Baby already understand the value of sharing. Gives Bono the dog the banana. Baby also understands the importance of detailed analysis. So he plucks the banana into small pieces. And of course, baby gets the concept of thinking outside the box, utilizing your things in new ways. In other words; Banana now on Mac keyboard, sofa, dog (outside & inside), floor, wall and on my clothes. Banana not consumed by neither me or baby.

Lessons learnt; 1) If you want your dog to eat something he usually doesn´t eat – have your baby give it to him… 2) Empowerment is great, but can be messy to begin with. 3) Some food best served directly on the floor.


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