A blue Monday for the environment?

Last week, the UN environmental committee released the first part of their report. Stating that global warming with 95% certainty have been influenced by us. Still, some people dont acknowledge it. But even if disregarding global warming completely, any one of us must be able to grasp the bad and 120% proven real-life concequences of polluting our earth. Cancer. Death. Hunger & famines. Destruction of vulnerable/sensitive areas and their species. Lack of pure drinking water. Diseases. Rural tribes threatened by “modern” civilisation. To mention a few…
The new Norwegian government presented their 8 key projects this evening. Bearing the UN report AND common sense (!) in mind, I was shocked to see that the new governmental forces to drive Norway forward, whilst bragging about their focus on future prosperity and competitiveness for the value creating business, fail to understand the importance and future value of a strong, green focus. We already hold great potentials for a greener society (& industries) due to Norway’s geography and world-leading players within maritime/energy, and if they had any long-term focus, they’d understand how important it is to facilitate the utilisation of these. If we don’t act now, the next generation will pay the price. Both in terms of environmental challenges, and future lost business opportunities by letting us slow behind in the rapid development of competence and innovation within green business/technology. We already succeed a lot within these areas, when you look at the maritime & energy sectors. But the government could facilitate the green sustainable growth by leading the way in a long-term, dedicated effort. Look to Denmark. And even to China, with their strategy to achieve a significant share of energy produced as renewable within 2020 & 2030. It’s business!!

Erna & Siv; don’t be naive! Reconsider your priorities and jump on the green train today ! 😀

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