Riga without a plan

Espen was booked for Liverpool trip with his friends last weekend. As I had to cancel my original visit to my hard-working doctor-to-be friend Helene in Riga, it meant great timing for me and Knut to spend the weekend there.
Getting there was quick’n easy; one small bag packed for both of us, nursing bag & extra porridge to-go, and off we went. Stroller on tram to Oslo Central, airport express and lots of flirting at the air port (wonder where he gets that from…?!). We had made no other plans than simply hang out and relax, and I hadn’t checked out any travel tips or articles whatsoever.
A 1,5h flight and a 20 min cab ride later, we arrived in a really nive neighbourhood that Helene shares with some embassys and rich Russians. Paris look-alike!
We had lunch at her neighbourhood cafe, The Flying Frog. Frog figures in all shapes, which remind me of Roger Grenouille in St.Germaine ( – except for 10 less frog dishes on the menu..). Just the quirky type of place I like.

We went walking through the parks and into the Unesco listed old town, had another coffee, more walking and then took home some sushi for dinner. Being something of a social creature, Knut wouldnt sleep, but eventually couldn’t resist lullaby combined with Helene’s great gitar skills.. Girls’ time for us = white wine & strange snacks we found at the local deli.
Saturday morning we spoilt ourselves with hotel breakfast, before the dedicated student had to dig into her books. Me & Knut went exploring without a map, hunting down home-knitted socks, a painting and a bag of local bakery specialities. Yummm!! As Helene was done studying dead corpses (or something.. ;-)), we grabbed some food before visiting some of her friends.

Sunday was a walk in the park – literally… After a very late and very long breakfast at Helene´s regular cafe, Knut slept for a good while and I got time to finish my book. Helene came down to join us after dutifully completing her study hours (yes, also on a Sunday!) and we explored the parks of Riga. Trees, branches, people, ducks and playgrounds suddenly becomes so much more fun when seen through the eyes of an adventurous, curious baby. We also discovered beavers and found a real hidden gem; the eclectic restaurant Fazenda on Nomenu Street. Bit of a distance from the old town, great food for all and the atmosphere was just as random & laidback as the interior. It´s a combined diner, cafe and bakery – both the cakes & breakfasts(!) are worth a trip to Riga on their own…

Monday morning I found a great bookshop & wine-place (only coffee for me..), Robert´s Books. And of course brought home a nerdy combination of used books for me and a few for Knut. Books = my favourite “souvenir”…. 😉

Inside tips for travelling mom´s; Take the green cabs, good price & safe drivers + baby seats available. No need to pre-order, it will just cost you extra. If you need baby food, the trend of organic food has also hit Riga, and in the embassy districts there are several places where you can get a great range of baby food..

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