Adios November – see you next year!

When living in Norway, November is a nice month for staying inside, with a cup of tea, a warm blanket etc.
BUT — its an even better month for travelling…! Away from the cold dark north, heading for summer. In Argentina summer has checked in, and so will I 😉
It started with a wall post from Charlotte Lunga in September; “I’m thinking of visiting Caroline in Buenos Aires – are you in?!”. Who am I to resist such an invite.. Quick check with Espen, managed to combine & schedule with an already planned trip to Europort/Rotterdam, and 2 days later the roundtrip ticket Oslo-Schiphol-B.A. was booked.
Which I’d say proves that you can still be impulsive and adventurous aftee becoming a mum..
Charlotte is one of my former travel buddies from an epic summer back in 2008 when we were young, free & single (cue; 7 girls and 1 guy on a sailboat, roadtrip, Croatia/Montenegro, add a few remote bays, pristine beaches and Italian Nutella sailing crew.. Says it all!). She has a little girl just a few months younger than my son, so a great match again. Will be plenty of fun for both small ones and us!
The girls already arrived in Buenos Aires this weekend, while I am going to Rotterdam first to give a speach at the WISTA Netherlands event at Europort, then spending the following 17 days in Argentina, with Caroline and her family, combined with some work meetings.
Rotterdam is crowded and expensive this week, but if you’re open for alternative solutions, Air BnB has plenty of hidden gems to offer. Just booked a nice flat upstairs from an architecht’s office in the Delfshaven area, and can’t wait to get there..
Will be great to meet familiar & new industry colleagues from the Dutch shipping community the coming days. As an added bonus, Carolina from YoungShip Italy also will be in town for Europort, so I’ll get a meeting with her as well to share updates on the ongoing work in Italy, where they’ve just ended their first general assembly.


More Travelling Mack details to follow the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

// Birgit

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    1. Thank you Lena, its so true! No wonder we emigrate like the birds 😉 Ps; I’ll probably see you again in February (if not sooner), when returning to Chalmers for Sjölog 🙂

  1. Ummmm! No need to go that far to enjoy good weather. 25ºC today in southern Spain.
    Enjoy Rotterdam and have a safe trip. Say hello to Carolina.

    Consuelo Rivero

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