Rotterdam update; WISTA Lunch seminar at EuroPort 2013


Today I visited one of the 4 biggest maritime trade fairs in Europe, the EuroPort in Rotterdam. WISTA Netherlands organised a lunch seminar with participants from all corners of Europe, where I gave a speech covering the topics of our industry´s attractiveness ref. to young professionals, and it´s importance when working on resolving our key global challenges moving forward.

Traveling alone with my little guy, I was completely depending on finding someone to look after him during my speech. And we couldn´t have been luckier; Erszi Rademakers (President of WISTA Netherlands) invited me to deliver him at her place, where he could play with her adorable kids who were with their grandmother. Language barriers fortunately don´t matter much among toddlers/babies 😉

Lots of familiar faces at the lunch, both from the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Greece, Finland etc. – and quite a few interesting new faces and discussions. The audience were really active during the entire session, which is optimal as it makes the energy in the room so much more vibrant. The Dutch region also has several interesting initiatives going on at the moment, including Maritime by Holland.

Following my presentation, the new YoungShip branch in Netherlands was officially launched, and I hope for good and strong support by their industry seniors moving forward. Returning back to Erszi´s home after a hectic but fun session, she invited us to stay for dinner, so Knut got even more time to enjoy his new friends.


I found a great flat through AirBnB for these two days. Owned by a young entrepreneur, who has his architect office on the ground level, renting out the level above, and living with his girlfriend on the upper 2 levels. Facing one of the quaint charming channels of Rotterdam, in Delfshaven, and upgraded with some really cool modern features by his creative team. On the way back, I got some shots that captured the night atmosphere really well. No filter, no edits;

IMG_1655IMG_1652  IMG_1643IMG_1640 IMG_1645

Next stop from here is Buenos Aires. Flying out of Schiphol 10am tomorrow, which equals to alarm time 05:30… Too early!



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