“It always seems impossible until it is done!” A great leader has passed



It is few people I can think of who have done a bigger impression on me than Nelson Mandela. His courage and selflessness in the face of suppression and injustice during the South African apartheid regime, is a reminder to all of us that one person can in fact alter history, and make a difference. And that the most important fights often involves major sacrifice. It is also a story of which impact inspirational leaders can achieve on other people.

Today, many of us are sharing greetings and thoughts about Mandela. The greatest way to honour and respect his legacy, is for all of us to act and lead by his example. During our lives, each and every one of us will experience situations where we have the


opportunity to do good for others, but when it actually requires some courage, and may be at a major cost and disadvantage for ourselves. Challenging us not to choose the easy way for ourselves, but to stand up for other people and support those who needs our voice or actions. Handling these situations is what defines us as human beings.

My life philosophy (in stead of religion) is that of Mandela´s, as based on the basic principle of Ubuntu as I have previously written about.

Basically, its just about understanding that we as human beings and part of nature, are all connected. For better or worse 😉

Mandela has also inspired many young street artists. Here are some pieces from around the world;




image43   images-2Mandela Street Art     images


Mandela, rest in piece. May you always continue to inspire young people, and lead the way for others who suffer from corrupt and power abusing leaders.






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