Nestlé – a corporation without shame…

Nestlé – a corporation without shame…


It appears that Nestlé does not understand the concept of basic human rights.

Take a look at this extremely provoking video, and share it with everyone you know with the message to boycott Nestlé. No question that I will – once and for all. What´s next? That they will charge us for clean air to breathe….?

Nestlé already has a horrible track-record in terms of their promotion of infant formulas towards mothers in poor countries, causing thousands of infants to die due to lack of clean water back in the 80´s, also known as The Baby Killer. Representing the worst of cynical capitalism, I predict and sincerely hope that companies such as Nestle (and Monsanto with their GMOs) will be beaten by the next generation of sustainable and transparent global corporations.

On 28 July 2010, through Resolution 64/292, the United Nations General Assembly explicitly recognized the human right to water and sanitation and acknowledged that clean drinking water and sanitation are essential to the realisation of all human rights. The Resolution calls upon States and international organisations to provide financial resources, help capacity-building and technology transfer to help countries, in particular developing countries, to provide safe, clean, accessible and affordable drinking water and sanitation for all.

In November 2002, the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights adopted General Comment No. 15 on the right to water. Article I.1 states that “The human right to water is indispensable for leading a life in human dignity. It is a prerequisite for the realization of other human rights”. Comment No. 15 also defined the right to water as the right of everyone to sufficient, safe, acceptable and physically accessible and affordable water for personal and domestic uses.


  • Resolution A/RES/64/292. United Nations General Assembly, July 2010
  • General Comment No. 15. The right to water. UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, November 2002

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