Are you a world citizen?

Written from Norway, read from 60 countries... And this is just a small blog.
Written from Norway, read from 60 countries… And this is just a small blog.

Social media has changed the world for ever. Companies, organisations, governments and individuals are more than ever before held accountable for their actions.

The jungle of digital magazines, blogs and storytellers & commenters online kills taboos and end silence. It defends and supports victims of unjustice, and pressures us all towards more openness, transparency and equality.

That’s exactly why I ♥ Social media! Every voice can be heard. You no longer need to be a prominent member of the community; if your message touches the readers, it will spread beyond borders.

And as global citizens, our engagement and involvement makes a difference. Whether its concerning the Russian Olympics and gay rights, a typhoon hitting the Philippines, or the terrible situation where the world community sits back to watch a homocide taking place in Syria. We can support financially, by signing Amnesty petitions, and through countless other alternatives. That is our responsibility. As global citizens, with the potential to shift the power balance for the better.

Smaller cases can also be supported of course, and I just got a proof for the effect & impact of Facebook campaigning (in case you doubted it was so…).

Last week I read a heart-wrecking article about two sisters who were abused by their father. The father was an employee in the U.S. Air Force. When the USAF was informed, you would have thought that the proper action was taken – but what did they do?! Early retirement, no prosecution.. Probably not a unique case, I’d guess.. The girls are now grown up, and as the government wouldn’t proceed with the case, the eldest have made the brave decision to share the story in public, via her blog. I supported by writing a short comment on their governor’s Facebook page (as did many others), and the guy actually replied..! With Facebook, the phrase sharing is caring takes on a whole new meaning..

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This is why I sometimes spam my Facebook wall with various charity/”good” initiatives that I take interest in, Its probably really annoying to some, but I actually hope that it might have at least a small impact. Opening eyes, or making someone stop and think for a second. For this one, I really hope this cureageous woman will get sufficient support, and that it will lead to trial ♡

Take care – people of the world 😉

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