11 great benefits of a messy home

Or to put it in other words; my best excuses for not spending more energy than an absolute minimum on domestic stuff.

  1. Friends, kids and others don’t have to worry about leaving a stain somewhere; it will blend in perfectly with all the existing ones
  2. Less stress to host guests when you don’t bother about full cleaning before they come. Nobody notices anyway, the place will look like a mess afterwards (=neutralizes the effect of boring prep’s) and referring to No.1 again, the guests can fully enjoy the evening without bothering about crumbs or a bounced wine glass..
  3. Kids’ mess will (probably) be less annoying if it’s propotionally balanced with your own.
  4. In case of insufficient exposure to dust and germs/bacteria, we get more allergic and asmathic(!). Scientifical proof, you are my friend!
  5. It’s always better to be the one who gets nagged on, than being the nagger. Hard to imagine more boring stuff to nag about than dishes & chores. (P.S. Applies for home, does not in any way reflect my views on worklife 😉 ) 
  6. You won’t get completely stressed out by minor and major home accidents (which occure quite frequently in this home)
  7. The approach is great in combination with second hand furniture, which saves you extra money (= travel funds, as a bonus ref. to the time you already saved on not spending it on completely boring chores
  8. You save the nature from all the bad chemicals & stuff that would otherways be poured down the drain
  9. Nobody will ever blaim you for not having spent enough time cleaning/tidying
  10. People easily feel very much at home when visiting, and if they bother its really their problem
  11. You might even make people feel better about their obvious superior domestic skills, from seeing your clutter, which is a great benefit!


Hope I didn’t offend anyone who puts a tiny bit more perfection into their home than I do – and feel free to share or stick on the fridge door for a rainy day!

Messy, dusty greetings from the undomesticated one 😉

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