Welcome back to the 60’s ;-)

Mad Men quote of the month; “Women are suited for jobs that are not demanding”…

I just really had to share this comment from a debate on female leaders in the maritime industry.

Luckily, this guy is definitely the past. The maritime future however, is for the next generation, regardless of gender, colour, religion or race.

“Posted Wednesday 30th October 2013 at 3:40 pm
Now at the cost of being called a male chauvinist, let me add that during the olden days, women on board the ship were considered as bad luck for the seamen. They usually avoided bringing women on voyages. Secondly, they are a distraction while serving on board the vessel because she is among seamen who are on voyages for many days. A seaman’s life is hard, and dangerous. Those who have gone to sea know this very well. Women should not be given such dangerous jobs, besides there are no dearth of men to handle this job. Even for shore jobs, the senior posts in Shipping Industry is better handled by men who have sailed on vessels as Masters or Chief Engineers. Only those who have working experience at sea should be taken as directors, or senior executives, or as Director General of Shipping, a very senior government post in Shipping. The idea that women are equal to men is a fallacy that is proved many times over. They are different than men in temperament, emotions, way of thinking, physical strength, and are more suited for other jobs which are not demanding.”

Good to know, sir! Haha!

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