Beyond borders – greeting from Ghana!

Really motivational to read the below message on the Women´s Day yesterday 🙂

When blogging from various locations, though mostly from Norway, I don´t always think about how far a simple post can travel these days. I really enjoy that my readers are widely spread through all continents, and Rekia´s message was a nice reminder that you don´t need to meet in person to inspire each other… Rekia work for the Port Authorities of Ghana, and it will be most exciting to see if she´ll pursuit the idea of applying for Ghanese membership to YoungShip.

Our industry is full of hard-working girls & boys, all over the world. They are the future for securing and improving the bloodstream of world trade and a functioning global economy, and I am so proud to see that YoungShip can be a good tool and channel for strengthening their motivation and joint efforts for continuously making our industry better. More innovative, open, transparent and sustainable 🙂

Happy Sunday!



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