Update from our Women for Women Int. fundraising on 8 March; WOOWWWWW!!!

Who´d have thought 1,5 month ago, starting from scratch with the 8 March planning, that we´d manage to raise some 50.000 NOK for future female business women? Starting to work on our little idea, brought to the table by Susan Clark (of Nordisk Skibsrederforening), we decided to make Saturday 8 March matter this year. To put solidarity in the front seat, and see how we could create an inspirational event for a good cause. You can read more about the Women for Women International and their social entrepreneurship to empower female victims of war here, as I previously wrote an article on their incredible origin and history… Our headline for the day “The new definition of a Business Woman” describes it quite well, and to me it states so clearly that whether we´re based here in Oslo or in Lagos, Kabul, Sarajevo or Kigali, we all have an important role to play in the ongoing generation shift towards a more open, equal and sustainable global society.

I must say that I´m overwhelmingly amazed!!! Amazed by our fantastic contributors, recruited through Facebook and our networks, who generously donated their own works or art they had at home. Amazed by a number of ab-fab companies, who sponsored our goodie bags with really nice items to pamper our guests – around 70 dedicated and hard working business women. Amazed by the great bunch of women who has been involved in organising the event – not to mention that I am completely and utterly euphoric for our fantastic guests, who put their money where their heart was and enthusiastically placed their bids, building the support for new sponsorships one by one. Madeline Albright said there´s a special place in hell for women who don´t support other women. If that´s the case, I am certain that all of you mentioned above will get a special place in heaven! <3

Working with the WISTA/YoungShip/Høye Hæler event to the benefit of Women for Women Int. has been extremely rewarding, and I am just so happy! Didn´t know if I should laugh or cry (or both) when we got the final auction results, this actually helps more than 20 women turn their lives around – it makes a huge impact and difference for them, their families and their communities…

You guys are the best!!! Joining the 8th March appeals after the gathering at Café de Concert, I kept thinking that changing the world doesn´t require more than one simple thing; for us to engage – care – take action! 🙂

Save the date for next year already now! We´ll be back, and as we only spent 1,5 month to prepare this, imagine what we can achieve with 1 year of dedicated & enthusiastic efforts…. 😉 As one of the driving forces of the WfWi program stated it; “One woman can change anything – many women can change everything!”

Sponsors: Nordisk Skibsrederforening, Baker Hansen, Dagens Næringsliv, KK, Henne, Max Factor, Mary Kay, Clarins, Mester Grønn

Contributors (donations): Grieg Shipping Group v/Elisabeth Grieg, Astrup Fearnley museum of modern art, Jørgen Holen, Laila Hansen, Tone Kristiansen, Ingjo Hjertholm, Sissel Aurland, Lena Eidem, Marion Hansen, Trine Rasch-Willumsen, Anne Grete Istad, Ragnhild Willumsen – and our great project group; Susan Clark, Laila Hansen, Nina Grieg, Paige Young & Eva Charlotte Stenset


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