Piracy vs Humanitarian crisis: Food for thoughts

2014-09-03 01.07.28
Piracy of the coast of Somalia 2008-2014. Hijacked vessels vs. incidents.

Imagine if we could resolve humanitarian crisis as quickly and efficiently as the global maritime industry has handled the piracy threat in the Gulf of Aden.

Joint efforts across several key countries, identifying most efficient way (& means) moving forward, strong ownership/dedication from central governments & commercial actors doing business in/around the area.

Shouldn’t be completely impossible, right?

The difference is that piracy put these interesents’ money & business at stake, while humanitarian crisis don’t (at least not in the short-term perspective).

How would the situation in e.g. Syria, South Sudan, Gaza be today, if the world had acted according to the key words listed above…? Cant help but wonder.

Just some food for thoughts by me….

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