Globe-trotting experiences so far with my new partner in crime


Yesterday I arrived in Cyprus with little Eric, who celebrated becoming 2 month old in Yorkshire, Leeds and Larnaca.

We are here to attend the WISTA AGM & International Conference, this year organised by a great team of female leaders from the Cypriotic shipping industry, including Despina Theodossiou and Victoria Kostic-Nola who I’ve known since my visit to Limassol and Maritime Cyprus in 2011.

When I bring one of my favourite little companions along, the trip has to be on their terms, with plenty of extra time – both in terms of the actual travel legs and the amount of time for chill-out time for each destination.

For Cyprus, that means spending two extra days at a very quiet hotel (E-Hotel, great place & service) on our own before going to Limassol.

Those who know me know that I’m not the one who throws food recipes around, but I share a different kind – and my own best recipe for a good travel experience is: Loads of extra time, a minimum of hectic activity/stress, forget any control issues you might have, and provide free access (for the baby/kid) to cuddling, sleeping and eating. Never be afraid to ask people for help (fantastic how supportive and friendly everyone is when you’re traveling alone with a baby..). Plus to try and stay as calm as possible no matter what happens, as they are picking up any mood change in a split second. Erik is actually even more sensitive to this than Knut was, but sleeps a little bit more, which means that if I remember to keep calm and take a good breath whenever something unexpected happens (which one can and must expect 😉 ), we are doing quite well and can enjoy a lot of time for exploring and enjoying new destinations completely on our own.

Poolside greetings from a chilled-out mom and a sleeping baby (the second adjective explains the first..) 🙂

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