Reality bites (and babies too..)

“Thou shall not challenge faith by removing from your arms a sleeping baby” (Quote; Erik)

This anekdote is dedicated to all parents who are (or have been) occasionally enjoying the true bliss of over-tired and glass-breakingly screaming babies, hopefully to relieve the jinx caused by posting way too many “its fantastic with a sleeping baby” photos on social media. Which, obviously, some higher force punished me for today;

After a very fun and uncomplicated day yesterday, I decided to be a real dare-devil and enjoy breakfast downstairs (yesterday I had it delivered to my room at 6am so could eat while Erik still slept).

So I was up at 6 and got myself ready and dressed for the conference to minimize No. of transport legs (= risk assesment). That however, took quite some time, as Erik was widely awake and “quite unhappy”. So I tried to prepare on his terms, taking a lot of time for cuddling and soothing, and only 30 min before the conference started, I was (almost) ready to leave the room. By then he had nursed probably around 20 times, which usualy means sleepy time quite shortly after.

Naturally, I had no intentions of entering a conference room of 300 people with him awake, so I decided to go down to the restaurant meanwhile, and enter after the first panel debate, expecting that I could easily rock him to sleep quite shortly and even get some breakfast at the same time.

HA HA HA – yeah right….!!

More than 2,5 hours later I still sat in the breakfast area. All tables were cleared (and re-set for lunch), while my coffee and breakfast plate was mainly untouched. I was itching all over from the sweat I was covered in, hair clistered to my scalp and neck, and Erik had gulped most of his digested milk all over my work attire.

Every time he had finally fallen asleep (after intensive soothing and carrying) and I had tried to lay him down, he woke back up screaming like a piglet. Causing (of course) him to be completely over-tired, in addition to what must probably have been massive tummy ache…

Then I miracleously managed to get him (still sleeping) face down and quiet in the cot;
wpid-IMG_20141009_115552.jpgI even took a photo in pure relieve. Looks nice, right?

Five minutes and half a croissant later, he was back to full power red-and-twisted-face cries. My God!

That’s when I finally decided it was time to throw in the towel and retreat to my hotel room. No way could I join the conference anyway, the way I looked and smelled of puke and sweat.

By the time I actually managed to get him to sleep, lunch time was long time gone, which means I never got to test this delucious lunch buffet.

I could order room service, had I only dared to move (as he is sleeping on my chest while lying in bed)..

P.S. – – Now just hoping that he will actually sleep long enough to be sufficiently recharged afterwards, so that finally I might get something to eat – – for dinner… 😉

And yes – I did want to cry several times during these hours. But I definitely expected some days like this when planning this trip, so I tried some self-comforting by reminding myself about the other great days, such as yesterday. It didnt help 😉

Hugs from a not-so-tough mom..

Aftermath; By 5:30pm I actually managed to slide carefully out of bed and put the poor guy sleeping into the shawl. Only to find out that its not so easy to get clothes on while wearing a baby wrapped onto you. Nevertheless, like a Houdini I somehow managed to wriggle into a dress. Went downstairs and got some food, and then Viktoria from WISTA Cyprus actually and amazingly arranged for her own babysitter to walk with Erik during dinner. He had slept well and was really calm, so it seemed feasible. But wouldn’t you know; As I was just going back up to feed him and relax before buses left for the dinner venue, he started crying again. And until now (11pm) its been a quite loud night by ourselves. With an exclusive menu of 2 bottles of water & 3 bananas.

Tomorrow we are flying to Abu Dhabi, and I cross 20 fingers and toes that things will be better by then.
Good night!

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  1. You are tough:)) Loved your post. It’s inspiring to see another person out there doing what they love doing even with a newborn:)

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