New Horizons. Thoughts in times of turmOIL.

A few years ago, the Norwegian Shipowners´ Association launched their new and award winning graphic profile under the name “New Horizons”. This is an important perspective for all of us – regardless of industry and line of work – and worth reflecting upon as we are counting down for 2015. Look ahead, be open to change!

NR logo pluss

For the maritime industry here in Norway, which increasingly has been thriving and growing in symbiosis with the accelerating oil & offshore markets, we might expect rougher waters ahead due to the current low oil prices and stagnating activity with lower margins on the Norwegian continental shelf. However, as most of us should have learnt by now, challenges always drives change and opportunities. New Horizons as pictured in the logo above, only shows part of the full picture… Here is the more complete symbol:

Credits: Centre for Arctic Gas Hydrate, Environment and Climate

As we here up north might lose a little bit of “oil fat” after Christmas and moving forwards, this is an image of the New Horizons we should be excited about moving forward. Reduced production within the oil sector implicates better access to critical competence and hopefully more frontrunners moving into the unexplored space of our blue world… Parallell to this, the Norwegian economy should gradually become less oil-addicted to stay healthy, and regain our individual & national appetite for hard work, frugality and the joy of creating, building and innovating.

In the history of Norwegian maritime industry, rough times has always paved the way for new actors, technology and loads of exciting innovation. Great timing for young and brave entrepreneurs!

As 31.12. is a day for new year´s resolutions, here´s one that should be valid for the Norwegian government, investors & business owners.

Proposed New Year´s Resolution:

  1. Reduce oil addiction (and exposure)
  2. Start a lean & green diet
  3. Identify opportunities for sustainable growth

I wish you all a happy, challenging and prosperous new year, hoping that 2015 will bring our industry to new heights in terms of sustainability, openness and green innovation.

– Birgit

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