The little (big) things in life..

Yayy and hipp hurrayy!

Much earlier than expected, we got a letter from the communal admission office, confirming that the littlest guy has been accepted to join the very same (and great) kindergarden where his big brother is already enrolled.

Which might seem like a very small and completely uninteresting update, but which in our case (as for most dual-career families) means a whole lot for practical everyday-logistics and reduced stress among small and big familiy members… 😉

As my maternity leave is almost over, I’m trying to enjoy it as much as possible in between various activities. Living in Norway, I think many actually take this a bit for granted, failling to truly appreciate the fantastic luxury of paid parental leave.

Adding to this a partner who’s a caring and dedicated super-dad, eager to start his paternity leave (replacing me as key person at home for the coming months), I guess it’s somewhat of the closest a “workaholic” mom comes to winning the lottery. I am extremely grateful for the ability this provides to truly enjoy the best of both worlds. I get the chance to enjoy all aspects of being a mom, but still get the opportunity to continue challenging myself and contribute in ways that makes my life more meaningful and interesting.

Enjoy April!! // Birgit

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