The Ocean CleanUp Project!

During Nor-Shipping we handed out the Young Entrepreneur Award to an amazing guy – the Dutch 21-y-o Boyan Slat.

Our fantastic winner has taken on a task described to be too big of a task for any nation to tackle alone. His entrepreneurial project will remove the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (a sea of floating plastic objects the size of Texas…). He has been discovered by the UN, by BBC and New York Times. Last year, he completed the biggest non-profit fundraising in history. Generating more than 2,2MUSD in one – 1!!!! – month. His project pilot will be deployed next spring, and the actual installation will be the world’s biggest floating installation ever. Do I need to repeat he’s only 21…?

Our ambition, launching the Young Entrepreneur Award 2 years ago, was to identify young entrepreneurs with a sustainability focus that could both open our industry’s eyes to the next generation’s potentials – and inspire shipping people of all age groups. The gamechangers and role models for the next generation of our global business & shipping life. I am so proud of our jury, who thinks outside the box in terms of entrepreneurial aspects vs business. They are quite senior, yet innovative and progressive to the core! They are role models as well – important ones 😃

I think Boyan made quite a few fans in Oslo. And I just discovered that he has some celebrity fans as well…  

Entrepreneurial regards // Birgit

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