Readers’ digest – summer 2015

Whether you’re on vacation or planning a business trip, here are my favorites this summer. Quiet hours spent curled up in a big chair, slowly swinging in a hammock or laying on the beach – slow simple luxury escape from a hectic life and a couple of duracell kids…

1. Norwegian author (former Wilh. Wilhelmsen sailor) Jon Michelet’s third book tributing the unknown heroes of WWII – the thousands of sailors manning the merchant fleet, transporting fuels for the allied forces during 1940-45. A fantastic epos enabling us to peak into the hardship and terrors experienced by young sailors who never signed up for war, but who ended up in the very frontline, exposed to traumas they brought with them to their grave.

2. Infidel. Somalian origined, former refugee and Dutch parliament member Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s memoirs from 2006. A thought-provoking book challenging us on womens’ rights and standing in various muslim societies. Facing the ongoing debate on refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea, this book serves to remind us about the potentials and opportunities that could be brought to the table by people many politicians and people tend to consider strictly as a “cost and burden”… 

3. Stoner. John Williams’ masterpiece from 1965. Dark,forgotten and quite sad. Impossible to stop reading once you’ve started. 

Enjoy your summer and a good book!

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