Foodie alert: Boulevard Social #Helsinki

I am a 120% dedicated foodie. Some people eat as a neccessity to live – I live to eat and enjoy food. I’m not the typical “gourmet” (the up-tight type of foodie who strictly chases the high-end restaurants), but more a case of genuine food curiousity and a healthy appetite. 

From my perspective, the joys of travelling is made out of a combination of 3 things; people you meet + atmosphere + food. Obviously, eating out bridges all three… Finding a cosy place, while exploring tasty ingredients in a combo I haven’t tried before. Sharing the meal and a good chat with others, or just in my own company while people-spotting. 

Some people chase mountain summits or marathons. I chase mouth-watering flavours and charming places to enjoy a meal or snack.

By no means does it have to be hip and/or expensive. Some of my all-time favourites over the years consist of a 3-tables “bring your own ingredients” chicken meal behind an anonymous door near a street market in Essaouira (Morroco, that is), a street food trolley in New Dehli (I have built up a really good resistence for bacteria over the years…) while buying 30 extra portions for street kids as that’s something that won’t end up in the pocket of a criminal guy, or a homemade lunch including fish head at a local artist’s home and gallery near Lagos (Nigeria).

Well, enough of that. What I actually wanted to share with you just now is a reccomended tip from Helsinki, following last night’s dinner with a great bunch of industry colleagues!

Sharing menus based on the Greek, Lebanese, Tunisian and Morrocan kitchens, put together all yummy and irresistible!   


Good morning from Helsinki! (On my way for breakfast, this writing got my appetite started..)

Birgit 😋


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