Call-out for input – shipowners’ views on beaching/recycling! #MastersMentoring

I have for a while been mentoring a very bright Indian student at HBV (Vestfold Maritime College), who’s currently writing her Masters’ thesis about green ship recycling. As part of the process, I use this opportunity to challenge some of my industry colleagues (working for/representing a shipowner) to share your views and experiences by filling in a questionaire (added below in this post).

The thesis title is; “The Shipowners’ responsibility in the Ship Recycling Process, with respect to environmental and safety conditions“.

The topic of beaching and recycling of ships has been HOT for a while, and especially following the news about two of the Fredriksen Group ships being sold to a cash-buyer, then ending up at sub-standard beaching yards in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Obviously, this is one of the remaining areas where shipping get a lot of attention from the non-shipping community – but not in a positive way…

Singapore beaching India beaching Greek beaching

Following the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association’s recent official ban of beaching, several actors have joined the high-tempered debates. Recent Nor-Shipping speaker, Dr. Anil Sharma of GMS, and the Danish Shipowners Association (following a recent trip to Indian scrapping yards in Alang) claims that several of the yards have raised the bar in terms of environmental and safety issues – while Wilh. Wilhelmsen Group contributed with their clear stand against beaching. Singapore based cash-buyer Wirana claims that the Norwegian ban doesn’t comply with the ratification of the Hong Kong Convention.

In other words, this is a topic filled with various views and strong opinions, and I really hope that many of those views (and the mindset/experiences behind them) can find their way into Sunu’s questionaire.

If you’d like to share your views, please copy below into an e-mail, add your comments and send it to Sunu Kurian; Sunu.Kurian<at> Or alternatively, comment anonymously in the blog comment field.

I think it’s extremely important that we support engaged and skilled students, and especially when they utilize their masters’ programme by focusing on such key issues for Our industry. Hoping for loads of feedback!!

Also, a special thank you!! to Grieg Green and the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association for their support and contributions upon Sunu’s enquiries! Way to go!!

Enjoy your evening // Birgit 🙂

Questionnaire for interviewing ship-owners about the ship recycling process

  1. As a ship owner on what basis are you selecting the scrapyards and sub-contractors for the ship recycling process? What are the criteria?
  2. Once the vessel is sold off to the Cash Buyer/ Yard, the owner has no control of . Is the statement correct? If yes, do you think is this a good attitude from a ship owner’s point of view? Do you have any suggestion or proposal to bring in a control here?
  3. What is the control that you have as ship owner, to monitor if the ship recycling process is carried out as promised ( green way ) .? Do you have any kind of site team at the yard to monitor this process?
  4. Which recycling method do you prefer as a ship owner for recycling your ships? And why?
  5. What all are the challenges are you facing while in the process of negotiating with sub-contractors being carried out in ship recycling process?
  6. How you are maintaining the accuracy of the inventory of hazardous materials on board / green passport and incorporate into it all relevant design and equipment changes before you hand over the ship for recycling?
  7. What is your opinion regarding the working conditions for the workers of recycling yards which you have got exposed to? If possible name the yards.
  8. What is your opinion about “Greenwash” practice among yards? Do you think if it is being followed by the yards?
  9. As a ship owner or ship-owners representative, what are the steps you will take for a green ship recycling or an environmentally friendly ship recycling?
  10. In your opinion what are the challenges in the ship recycling industry is facing today in ship owners point of view? And do you have any suggestions to overcome or improve?
  11. As a ship owner how can you advise that the ship recycling industry can be transformed into a sustainable industry in the future?
  12. We learn from Martin Stopford (2009) “Maritime Economics” 5.7 p. 212 that the buying of ship for scrapping is usually done by intermediaries, buying the ships for cash and selling them on to the demolition yards. Can you please describe how the demolition market works for the ships you own, and possible implications for how the ship cycling process is being undertaken?

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  1. Hi,

    I’m a French merchant navy officer, currently back to school for a captain and chief engineer course. I am writing a master’s thesis on the same subject as the student you are presenting in your article. I would be very interested in sharing informations and point of views with her, do you know how we could get in touch ?

    Many thanks in advance.


      1. Hi, of course, I’m sorry I thought wordpress was giving it to you. It s chevallier DOT adrien AT gmail DOT com

        Thank you !

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