Humanity washed ashore

Tonight, I have felt sad. Ashamed. Frustrated. Angry. Guilty.

As human beings and world citizens, we are failing. During a tsunami or even 22 July in Norway, there was nothing that most of us could have done beforehand to prevent disaster. 

But what about Syria?. Syria is different. The lost generation of Syria, is the one we deliberately turned our backs on. We witnessed from afar that this would happen. We didn’t stop it. Then we stood by, and let it happen. For a long long time. Since 2011. 

Our cowardness has consequences. Huge ones. Somebody pays the price. Sharing pictures of dead children is terrible, and I still can’t stop crying. But it was probably the only way to shake us out of our complacent and ego sentriccity, where scared and tired children are often referred to as “migrants” or even “terrorists” allowing us to forget the human aspects of this enormous tragedy.

It is time that we act. Let’s open our hearts and doors. Our communities. Riot against the politicians and authorities, make them remember and understand that too many lives are already lost. That Syria has no more children to loose. Each and everyone can do something – and we can prove that humanity still exist. 

Tonight my thoughts are with the people of Syria. I hope this also applies for all the power people of Europeas well. React…

HumanityWashedAshore – where is the dignity in this…


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  1. I appreciate that your blog comes up under my working mom search and yet it is about such a variety of things and that you do not shy away from straight work related posts, as they are clearly, part of your life.

    1. Thank you Camila 🙂 I write about everything that I’m engaged about, and I definitely think that e.g. sustainability and human rights issues are very important to address for everyone in international business as we can (and should) make a difference. International companies and bus.people have the very best opportunities to change the world for the better.

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