Thoughts on Talents & Growth

Today the digital Norwegian business magazine presented its annual ranking of Top 100 young leadership talents, from the entire span of industries. Good representation from our industry, with TeamTankers’ brilliant CFO Andreas Reklev awarded Finance Ace of the year.

A huge thank you to Christoffer for nominating me this year! I was (positively) shocked to make the short-list of Bridge-Builder of the Year. Especially as I just recently started in my new job, and haven’t proven anything yet. Definitely, this ads some extra pressure – and motivation – moving forward… 😉

The speaker from Norwegian Business school shared some great thougts on how we perceive talents; Talent and leadership should not be considered as static (=you got it or you don’t), but as something you can nurture and grow. If you as a leader evaluate or categorize your team members based on the former, you will make them stagnate and probably get your initial views confirmed. But if you identify the strengths and growth potentials within each individual colleague/team member, and seek to support and enable those to develop, you have the recipe for a healthy, trust-based environment where all can thrive and contribute so much more.

Value-based leadership and room for learning by failing – the key message 😊

Enjoy your weekend! // Birgit      

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