How to (really!!) provoke racists:

The ultimate way to provoke racists and cause a Twitter storm after posting a humanitarian post they didn’t like, seems to be this: Let them know you’re planning to invite a refugee family over for dinner. Based on the ludacris reactions I received when testing this, I changed my mind. I’ll invite a refugee family several times instead. The amount of hate and prejudice filling media and discussion forums, is something we need to fight with more communication, building bridges, tolerance & inclusion.
Full Definition of racism: 1: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race  2 : racial prejudice or discrimination

My resolution for the New Year was to do something every day that supports the ongoing work for a warmer society, working against the prejudice and fear which just increase the gaps and hatred in Europe and Norway these days.

Here in Norway, we were completely shocked to experience the actions of the Utøya-killer in 2011, attacking Labour Party youth at their summer camp. But we need to understand that our society has a responsibility (not to excuse the killer in any way), when we fail to identify and support kids & youth who are struggling through their upbringing. We must recognise that a generation of angry and frustrated young men who feels that they have failed (and need someone to blaim for it) is huge a challenge that our society needs to take seriously, and as we even have a share fair of politicians fuelling their insecurity and anger related to immigrants, and the feeling that our country is under a threat by people from other parts of the world. We also need to look at better ways for how to include (not just integrate, which is a word that creates more fences than bridges) people coming to Norway, so that both we and “they” get the personal experience of getting to know each other and understand that most of us are just ordinary people, wanting a safe, stable life for our beloved ones, with the basic needs covered. We fear what we don’t know. It’s human. The responsibility of a serious politician, however, is to ensure finding solutions that limit such fears and risks. Rather than using the fear to achieve short-term populistic results.

What we all fear, regardless of origin, religion and “race”, are extremists and terrorists who perform criminal activities while blaiming it on some outdated or niche-interpreted version of their holy books. In my view, these are very often the same people on each side; the frustrated ones, the scared ones, the ones without hope. Desperate people, with nothing to lose (or the feeling of it). And then you have a much smaller group of people/states, using these desperate, frustrated people to achieve more power, position and/or resources. Fear is a strong motivator, especially when mixed with provocative (and in some cases deliberately wrong) rumors or news articles. It makes us react with the most primal part of our brain, and in that state we are all claws and teeth, ready to defend ourselves, becoming less open than we normally are..

So when a group brainwashed “All-White” sympathizers started bombing my post about the tragedy in Turkey where refugee kids drowned, I decided to follow the discussion to learn more about this small group of extremists. They’re afraid of terror and muslims. They don’t like Jews, colored people or people from other religions. And obviously not what they refer to as traitors of the white race (anyone who objects with their views/opinions). They spread false facts and “news” to others in their communities, stirring up the fear & anger levels. I must say I’m more afraid of what their tunnell view & lack of empathy (and willingness to spread hard-core nazi & fascist propaganda) can do to our society, than of what immigration can do…

Here are some of the high-lights. The obvious one of course was that I’d put my family at risk. Then it got crazier. Apparently, I could risk being beheaded during dinner, or having my daughters (sons) raped and murdered. They’d also eat my eye.


One guy referred to refugees as barbarians, and me choosing them “over my own People”, at the same time he photoshopped a wrestler jumping at poor little Aylan Kurdi. Who’s the barbarian…?

A really nice guy, this Scott Sullivan. Now, where did I hear those kind of claims before? Wait, yupp that charming guy called Adolf was sharing exactly the same some years back;Dinner25

I kinda felt sorry for this one girl Cora. Spending her life locked in a “pro-white” “anti-white” mentality. When she ran out of diversity arguments, she compared Europe’s situation to that of Tibet ITibet’s situation is caused by “Chinese immigration”… Wow!



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