Disruptive attitude: Shipping’s bright future

A few weeks ago, we launched our new Nor-Shipping 2017 strategy, aiming to engage, challenge, provoke and inspire the maritime industry. Timing it to the Chinese New Year celebration as we enter the Year of the Monkey, had a double symbolism in it, as we’re both strengthening our focus on China and definitely share some of the Monkey’s attitudes and skills.

There’s no question that many shipping segments and players are undergoing quite challenging times, and some may not survive the coming 1-2 years. This is definitely the time for each and everyone of us to roll up our sleeves, and utilize all the strengths a high-tech and innovative industry cluster holds. It’s in the nature of our industry to tackle huge challenges, turning them into opportunities, but that doesn’t mean this will be smooth sailing in any way. However, in a gloomy picture, it’s key to remember that opportunities are always present, and the massive changes that our world currently goes through, presents new markets and a glass half-full for the players who are positioned for entering into a new terrain.

This period and shift could very well be the biggest opportunity for entrepreneurial minds of any age group and company size to create new business & fuel growth in our industry in decades. Let’s look at some of our world’s massive challenges, and see how shipping can take an active role in changing some of them – turning the key and going from problem to profit!

Here at Nor-Shipping, we strongly believe that the biggest opportunities arise in the dual shift – digitalisation and sustainable solutions for our world.

We believe it to such an extent that we chose to build our entire strategy on UN’s Sustainability Goals, and reports developed by DNV GL towards Global Compact. Shipping is the world’s most environmental friendly means of transportation, but that’s just not enough. We need to be even more curious, be explorers, challenge ourselves and think completely new in terms of how our industry can adapt and transform to further strengthen our value-adding deliverables to global trade and a world community.

There is an ocean of opportunities – and it’s up for grabs!

As the leading maritime event week, we recognize our responsibility and role in showcasing and gather all the newest, smartest and most innovative technologies and solutions. Norway is by far the Silicon Valley of the Ocean Industries – and we are excited to gather the shipping world for a completely new experience of entering this new world of the Ocean Space, disruptive players & solutions, and the frontrunners pioneering our industry.



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