When work equals passion!

To me, nothing is more rewarding than being able to work on a variety of progressive and innovative projects that corresponds with my personal values and beliefs. Experiencing that in my own small ways, I contribute towards something good. It adds purpose to life 😃  

Getting paid doing what I’m passionate about, makes me feel extremely fortunate. I work quite a bit, and often cannot prioritize more than work and family, but still I don´t think of my professional obligations a drag, rather it´s the opposite – I don´t find enough hours in the week to do everything that I´d like to achieve. 

Combining a quite global career with two small kids, doesn´t really leave much time for traditional hobbies. But the ownership and passion I have for my job, actually makes most of it feel exactly like dedicating my time to a hobby.. Reaching a hairy goal, delivering above expectations, having a passionate dialogue with someone in a meeting, experiencing that bubbly feeling of excitement before a presentation. A few examples of small and bigger elements that really fuels my batteries!

From my experience, I think you can create (and grow) this type of motivation in any job. I guess I always got just a bit more involved than average in any job I´ve had, even while working behind the counter of a Shell station or other “routine” jobs that I had in the earlier stages of my career. Taking pride in contributing towards others, delivering above expectations. 

Taking pride in the work you do, no matter where in the organisation you´re based or which level you´re at, is something I really believe makes a difference. I think that personal drive, purpose and a sense of ownership is a much stronger factor for success and deliverables than any bonus scheme, salary raise, status, title or perks. That same drive and purpose is also a huge strength when we experience challenges at work, or go through rough periods in our personal lives.

Life is rarely just smooth sailing. It brings along some hardship we cannot influence – which we just have to tackle – and other things that we can actively influence along the way. Our attitudes and taking responsibility for one’s own behaviour and happiness is something we can influence quite a lot. My personal view is that each and every one of us has a responsibility for motivating ourselves, and finding some element of purpose in life. As well as contributing as a positive resource towards those around us. Both aspects helps quite a lot in creating a platform for a life far better than money can ever buy, and beyond the more superficial layers of our society.

That’s some unfiltered thoughts from my side. So how about you? How do you motivate yourself and others around you?


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