Key messages from first part of #TheNewBlue

Some thoughts and points made during the day…​

  • The worse is yet to come
  • There will also be a need for vessels & ships
  • Pessimism will outlive all other -isms (communism, capitalism etc) 😋
  • Competence and ability to adapt key survival tools 
  • The world is safer than ever before, with less war and people living in powerty. Still- we are heavier and more rapidly affected by what happens in other regions
  • Refugees are not a threat 
  • Extremists must be tackled early on (my comment to that; why do we let small and aggressive groups such as Boko Haram and IS) to grow and prosper?! Look at how Somalian pirate activities was handled once global efforts were initiated..)
  • We are more connected, more impacted, less distanced from the rest of the world…
  • We know much more about what & how we can do to resolve climate change – let’s act!!
  • Speed of change has been underestimated again and again – it’s a key to succeed 
  • Look at COP21 and the green shift to identify shipping and the ocean industries’ new opportunities 
  • It’s all about the ocean; food, medicines, resources…
  • Digital or die!
  • Creative destruction is a necessity of business – nothing new under the sun..
  • Shifts happen! We have underestimated the force of globalization and its impact on us and the globe
  • Global middle class determines what becomes leading norms
  • We risk becoming irrelevant in the shift from West towards East
  • IT and the Internet is necessary- but no longer enough. Now available to all, but doesn’t give us competitive edge
  • The real winners are the ones who changes the rules of the game… From owning commodities or assets, to enabling use of assets
  • Key hinder to innovation is power. The board rooms are filled with evolutionaries, not revolutionaries – power through being experts of yesterday..
  • You need to build a culture with experimental attitude and deal with learning by failing. Tolerate “fuck-ups”. Reward mistakes!
  • What if success builds failure? 
  • Great leaders are guardians of innovation – prosper and work actively on challenging habits and routines
  • We need the “Married But Looking” mentality – pursue loose and new opportunities from your established position (work-wise – don’t do this at home..)
  • Remove the “can’t do” mentality – and compete based on remaining true to yourself; know-how, know-who

Get funky!!! Summarized by Funky Business author Jonas Ridderström…



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