Question to #TheNewBlue – Where is your CDO?

“A CD-what did you say??” might be your first thought. So let me explain; would you consider it safe to run a shipping company under a board & a mgt. team without key financial or commercial competence? 

Are you fit for the future? 
I was thinking; 

In an industry that is facing enormous opportunities and transformation through the digital shift, and where most companies have quite homogenous, senior executives filling their board and management roles, how can these actors make the right decisions on investments and strategic moves related to positioning themselves for growth and strengthen their competitive advantage?

My 2 questions to the panel and audience today are the following;

1. How many in our industry (and in this room) have currently secured this competence on top level management? 

2. And in the board?

Tip of the day; get going!!

Follow Klaveness’ example:


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