#TheNewBlue – Ocean industries meet the digital age!

This morning is spent at the prestigeous Bristol hotel in Oslo, where more than 200 top executives from Norwegian & international shipping are gathered to hear the latest perspectives from leading industry voices at the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association’s annual conference. This blog post will be updated frequently today.

Equipping prominent shipowners and senior power players with VR headset and instructions for app downloading and Twitter hashtags, this is indeed a direction I highly applaud! Right into what the entire Nor-Shipping structure builds upon – aiming to connect, challenge, provoke and inspire to a much fiercer extend.

  Check out this exciting program, while we hear the Norwegian Defence Minister talk about key security issues, but also paying tribute to young Norwegian seafarers’ role in saving refugees and picking up drowned  children in the Mediterranean, shipping’s role in transporting chemical weapons from Syria. 

So proud of how our industry contribute when we face crisis and tragedies on regional and global scales.  

A different perspective – countries that seems far apart are in fact neighbors… Stability can no longer be taken for granted, and our minister is concerned. Emphasizing that refugees are NOT the threat; extremists are the threat. And conflicts/situations far from hear will affect us – distance and borders are no longer something we can hide behind…

That leads me to ask; why don’t we interact and do more to avoid and use mechanisms that can reduse radicalization?! Both here at home – and globally in other regions… 


Environment & climate Global focus Leadership & values Shipping

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