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Amazing to see how an unknown writer of a small blog can actually reach out across the world… A tiny example to demonstrate how social media and a connected world changes us radically. As consumers, 90% of everything we eat, use, buy and enjoy is transported by ships. The cheapest and most environmental friendly mode of transportation, yet still responsible for 3% of the global CO2 emmissions. And that’s something to resolve that will provide huge and exciting opportunities for young talents.

Imagine the power and opportunities generated when  we manage to share the message of the urgent need and many amazing opportunities for young people contributing in making shipping and global trade even more sustainable, and further reduce our environmental impact…

As long as we are connected, each and every one of us have a voice reaching far beyond borders and regions. The world of social media (as well as the oceans) is borderless. This means that we can impact our world and fellow human beings much more than ever before, share ideas and challenge established truths together. It’s up to us if and how we decide to use it. If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you know how I chose to use my voice. How do you want to contribute?

Hands up for a sustainable business world!


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