Be Weird!

A wrap-up of good thoughts that’s definitely representing my focus in life – enjoy your weekend and be weird! Adding some self-experienced points to the list;

  • Join some kids and jump in rain pits, or if you can’t find any – jump in bed 
  • Turn on your favorite music really loud and dance silly in your underwear 
  • Change one habit for a day
  • Invite someone you don’t know and normally wouldn’t meet home for dinner or a cup of tea
  • Eat a meal backwards (starting with dessert)
  • Find a swing, add full speed and enjoy the skies above you (especially magic after a night out…)
  • Walk barefeet in the city (and if you’re weird enough, also include a bar or a club)
  • Talk to strangers everywhere 
  • See your hometown through the eyes of a tourist
  • Have fun with poop humor – among grow ups 
  • Let jokes be on your expense, and share the things you’re embarrassed of to loose unneccessary masks
  • Do something nice for others without expecting anything in return 
  • See a movie, dine out, go to a cafe all by yourself
  • Deliberately break society/community practice/social norms

Enjoy exploring weirdness!

And feel free to share your weirdness and weirdest moments with me for inspiration 😃


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