Movies moves the world..

Now she lost it, you probably think; Obviously she meant ships? Or perhaps planes?  Well, just as we need big ships and infrastructure to connect and move us and our goods/energy physically and develop the world – we also need intellectual infrastructure to move and connect our brains and hearts. Movies, books and music are all essential infrastructure for the cultural exchange that moves our perspectives, enabling us to visit and understand the world, even without leaving home.

I see myself as a global citizen rather than just a Norwegian. And I often prefer watchin’ movies from different regions when travelling, just as I prefer staying at private homes rather than intercontinental homes to get a different experience. Cultural entertainment and Insights in various forms builds soft bridges between us human beings, and if we’re curious when approaching cultural similarities & differences we will gain such a span of additional learning, awareness and interesting experiences. All you need to do is keep an open attitude towards expanding your views and opinions.

Now, back to the post headline; Indian movies are high up on my list when it comes to exploring different regions. After a 9 hour sleep across a 4-seater heading for Singapore, I opted for Bajrangi Bhaijaan. A movie starring Kareena Kapoor, one of my favorite Bollywood actresses.

I was introduced to her work by smart & cute Shivalee, while spending a week as guest in her home in Mumbai some years ago. Shivalee’s mother Namrata is a good Indian friend, and former project team colleague from Wilhelmsen.

So whenever I spot a movie starring Kapoor, I go for it. This time, however, the true star is an adorable 6 year old…

It starts and ends in the Pakistani part of Kashmir, and is the story of a young mute girl who gets separated from her mother in India, and her journey back home, with the help of a warm-hearted man.

It’s also the entwined with the conflicts and complicated relationship between India and Pakistan, with a warm, engaging twist to it. Symbols of hope and human souls conquering physical man-made borders and mental barriers.

Imagine the beautiful scenery of Pakistan’s Kashmir region (or in reality perhaps somewhere on the Indian side of the border, due to the regional conflict?), captivating shots from Agra, Dehli and Mumbai, and perfectly composed details in the dialogues and moments combined with classic dance acts – all under the lead of the Bollywood director Kabir Khan. PS: The scene where Rasika tries to comfort the girl is a high-light, Bhangra meets Tyroler joodling(!!) – not to mention the scenes leading up to the grand finale. Make sure to watch this one!!!

Tip of the day from Singapore – now tell me; what’s your favorite Bollywood movie? Or do you have another fav region outside of Hollywood?

Namrata & Shivalee; I’m thinking of you and good memories from Mumbai while writing, and as always when watching a Kareena Khapoor film ❤️

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