Who Buys Books Anymore?

Existing in a digital world, iPad, phone and Kindle are of course necessities for digesting written content. But nevertheless, books are still my favorite items to go shopping for. Exploring bookstores wherever I go, always pinning out the ones that cover international languages. Here are my treasures from Changi airport last week…  

The book in the middle is particularly interesting – Connectography. I was so fortunate as to attend a speech and book launch which I discovered quite by chance. I just managed to squeeze in a visit to the university of International Studies between meetings and a business dinner hosted by the top executives of Kongsberg Group. Refreshing and inspirational for a school drop-out like myself, always thirsting for new input & knowledge. And the message of this book hits me directly – sharing a lot of the same thoughts (though in a less educated/advanced shape).

Reading as many pages as I can in both ways – travelling and reading at the same time..

My kind of religion 😋    
Mindful app, how ironic is that… Mindful mobile 😖 


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