A Futurist’s Guide to Crewing: CrewConnect Europe 

I left 3 sleeping guys as I left home at 5am this morning, heading for Copenhagen and Europe’s biggest crewing conference CrewConnect Europe. I was invited to share some radical ideas and challenge the audience on what I consider future opportunities and scenarios related to crewing and the profession of seafarers.

While many predict that digitization and full connectivity will make the profession less interesting and attractive, I actually see this as a great opportunity to lift the status of the thousands of hard-working and dedicated people who works around the clock all year to enable the rest of us to enjoy the consumers’ privileges in a global market.

My topic today is “A futurists guide to crewing – are we cyber ready?” and afterwards I’ll lead the interactive Connectivity Collaboration Zone where the audience works on the challenges and opportunities related to future development and current limitations.
See you soon Copenhagen!!

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