Countdown: Posidonia! #MissionToSeafarers

We are counting down for plenty of good networking with great industry friends & colleagues in Greece for the Posidonia Events next week, and hope to see many of you there! There are strong contrasts when the global shipping elite meets in Greece to do business, and at the same time we’re just extremely aware of the situation facing the thousands of refugees and crew assisting in rescuing operations across several parts of the Mediterranean Sea. Supporting the refugees is key, but at the same time – how do we as an industry support the crew rescuing them as well?

I’m joining the Mission to Seafarers panel debate on Friday 10 June, and if in Greece make sure to get updated on the heavy situation facing the seafarers when they assist a vessel/boat in distress:

“Plans for the Eastern Med and Assistance to Crews Affected by the Refugee Crisis”

The humanitarian crisis at sea in the Mediterranean continues to make the headlines. Migrants are escaping war zones and taking dangerous journeys in dilapidated vessels to find sanctuary in the EU. So how should crews respond if they are caught up in an emergency rescue? In this interactive workshop, Mission experts will explore the legal and welfare issues for the shipping industry.

Last year Nor-Shipping raised nearly 50K GBP for Mission to Seafarers during the Nor-Shipping week. We are truly happy that our good friends at Posidonia Events share our view on their important work – naming MTS as their official 2016 charity.


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