Norway: Agenda for action towards 2030 #UN #SDGs

Shipowner and sustainability driving force Elisabeth Grieg mentioned Nor-Shipping and our Young Entrepreneur Award 2015 winner Boyan Slat and his Ocean Cleanup on the panel, during the Norwegian launch of the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals.
In front of 200+ Norwegian top executives who will drive the change within business across all industries, Grieg states that business (and shipping!) is picking up pace on sustainability focus and creating profit, especially through the 3-4 past years.
Walk the talk and ensuring focus from the boards and top execitives is key! From Nor-Shipping we will do what we can to connect, challenge and inspire the industry to join forces and work as #CatalystForChange #DisruptiveSustainability #SDGLead

Among our range of initiatives is the MoU with SAMSA / South Africa, which highlights innovation, technology and other commercial areas – but also sustainability, diversity and the next generation. 

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