Shifting from CO2 to H2O

Yayy!! Heading back to the future with Toyota Mirai! In September, Wallenius Wilhelmsen safely ships only 10 of these hydrogen fuel cell darlings to Norway, and one of them has my name on it 💡🌱💦

Mirai “Back to the Future” clip:

Around the same period, my childhood home will hopefully get solar panels installed on the roof, delivered by Norway’s own Solar City crew – Otovo!

It will be truly exciting to experience the green technology shift in our everyday life to a bigger extent. As consumers it’s SO important to use our power and invest in cleaner solutions when planning ahead. If we had invested a fraction of the enormous sums spent on petroleum related technology towards clean solutions and renewables, we can just try and imagine the progress made by now. But as that’s not the case, us consumers can and should use our power and take our part driving the ongoing shift.

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