Kareena Kapoor’s Gender Stereotype Rebellion

I totally love Kareena Kapoor movies, and now I’m all crazy about Ki & Ka! A young couple switching the traditional roles upside-down. Kia is my fictive Indian clone – the story of my life…! You might not know, but based on seeing the achievements made by my amazing, tough and hard-working Indian female friends and their equals, I predict a power revolution in India the coming years.

This movie doesn’t pretend that walking down a new path is easy – and that’s just how I experience it as well- even living in Norway. Society have so many expectations and prejudice linked to our genders, and sometimes you feel that you’re in a limbo where nothing you do is really good enough. We hold expectations to women as parents, and turning the mirror society also judge men differently if they’re filling the male role in a way differing from general practice. We need to become more open for people to choose beyond existing patterns.

And I see movies such as this one as a sign of time – Bollywood entertainment culture filling its role as driving force for changing and revolutionizing societies! Bollywood challenging gender stereotypes is just amazing – perfectly blended with the bhangra sections that makes every fiber of your body wanna stand up in the middle of the plan and dance!

Mother India is moving – and Bollywood influences a smoothly rising wave of youngsters who will bring new ambitions and expectations for the freedom of choosing beyond outdated role models..

So if you’re slightly progressive and passionate for gender equality – or if you just love trains by the way (!!) – and will watch only one movie this month; get googling and find a streaming service that has Ki & Ka in its library. Yalla!!


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