Dictator for Dummies checklist!

Post U.S. Election & inauguration tool;

You were promised a drained swamp, a greater than the greatest great country, with lots of opportunities for all those great people. A fairytale, with low taxes and jobs for all. A country rising from the ashes like a Phoenix (let’s pretend we didn’t know that the arrows on key society and financial parameters had already seen a nice curve for some years…). One man would fix the entire country, and he was the only one for the task. Like Superman! 

Perception trumphs boring reality. You might not have reflected upon the TV-shop parallels, like when you buy a gold doublet necklace and the thin layer starts vanishing quite quickly? Or that of the weight-loss program that promised the world, but in fact just made you gain some pounds, on top of the feeling of failure? Or the way tobacco brands for decades pretended to make you hot, tanned, fresh and with shiny white teeth – instead of bad-breathed with yellow teeth and a bad cough..? 

Those fair promises and grand words – commercial branding at its best/worse. How do you identify a saviour from an elephant in a glass house….

The Dictator for Dummies Checklist;

  1. Define one or more external enemy Gain control of the free press (can be accomplished through verbal threats, buying them, denying them access to interviews, slandering, censorship and/or new law amendments)
  2. Create a really bad perception of the press as the people’s enemy
  3. Censor and control all info shared by public employees and offices
  4. Limit all type of critical/negative input shared in society, and replace it with alternative facts. Don’t accept negative feedback  (Great tip; Has worked in North Korea for ages!!!)
  5. Gradually find ways to undermine or punish key troublesome groups (typically women, LGBT, minorities, refugees etc)
  6. Get women domesticated and back to where they belong. They get way to difficult and uncontrollable if they have their own income – very sad! There’s a reason why men should control the world
  7. Create your own personal Nathional Holiday, then follow up with a suitable raider (new anthem, a special recognizable hand greeting etc). Name buildings and perhaps an airport after yourself 
  8. Claim you were appointed by God (or someone similar)
  9. Make sure to use your role to line your own pockets and gain personal power rather than working your a** of for others
  10. Ensure impulsive decision-making, that will have everyone tip-towing…
  11. Threaten all parts that don’t listen, by 
  12. Harass other people’s opinions, and get others to do it too… If it doesn’t work you  can also threaten to sue
  13. Ensure you have a domesticated wife who matches your values – who can’t speak up against you, and ensure the prenup so she won’t be able to betray you later
  14. Get your friends onboard key positions- so much more fun
  15. Don’t pay taxes, just collect them 
  16. Never release personal details, but make sure to dig & hack to get other
  17. Get a private jet
  18. Reinstate nepotism – blood is thicker than anything and perfect for working around general shifts
  19. Give people what they want to hear
  20. Support other demagogs- you mever know when you’ll need then
  21. If everything else fails, start a war or something 
  22. To be continued… And feel free to add points under 

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