Are you funding Alt-Right? #digitalmarketing

Branding in accordance with corporate values? Where do your marketing budgets end up? We recently discussed the use of general Google ads and various options related to smart and AI-based targeted digital marketing.

While this is amazing technology, it obviously comes with some concerns. Just like bad loans during the financial crisis, our ad money is resold and packaged to get the most out of each penny; but too often we don’t actually know where our campaigns end up..

I visited a few alt-right websites today, to check out which local companies might have forgotten to specify which websites to stay clear of. And this is the outcome, based on my cookies and Google history…

I guess #HouseOfOslo #Trimtex #AutoElite #Citroen #RendalenHytter #Sticos dis not expect their ads to end up at Breitbart. 

And probably #SmartPhoto #Flisekompaniet #Vipps #KongsvingerRegnskap #BirgerHaug #Nissan #LifeSound didn’t expect people to see their logos and messaging on the Norwegian equivalent – (which has spread a lot of alternative Scandianavian news stories to their friends in the U.S. – including that of Sweden as rape capital of Europe last year…)

Ouccchh! Time to go trough how you and your agency/bureaus are actually placing your ads? No time to waste..
@slpng_giant_no #stopfundinghate

Wedding fair – probably not the exact site the organisers pictured their ad budget for…

Nothing says team spirit like Breitbart! Excellent channel for promoting your sportswear towards the upcoming race.. PS; make sure only to use Caucasian models, or they might reduce your visibility

Did this Citroen importer/deler know who their agency distributed their account budgets to?

Alt-right people also get their cabins fixed..

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