The Breathing Anchor

The most down-to-earth approach to mindfullness, and an interview worth sharing below, with Dutch-Norwegian professor of vascular surgery – Andries Kroese…

Andries is one of my personal human heroes and child survivor of a WWII concentration camp in Japan. My father started meditating back in the early 90’s, and followed Andries’ practice long before mindfulness was all hyped up.

After first being very skeptical, I also started using his techniques and pragmatic approach to meditation (oppmerksomhetstrening) back in 2005 to get through a tough period. In February 2012 I joined my father on a weekend course with Andries as a really nice father-daughter activity while he was trying to survive cancer, and this toolbox has given me so much through the years.

However, for some stupid reason I’ve forgotten it for quite some time during the past 2 years (see where that brought me..) and was so happy to find out that his techniques are available on App Store – The Breathing Anchor.

A new year brings new opportunities, and rather than focusing on building the perfect #BeachBody2018, I will focus on tuning the brain🌱

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