Sustainability & Innovation Tour 2018 – looking for the world’s best companies!

For the past decade I’ve served as an advocate for change within shipping – with a special focus on sustainability, the power of young talents, entrepreneurship and diversity. My long term goal has been to contribute to positive change, and inspire other industry leaders to engage in the same.

Following the disruptive sustainability projects in Nor-Shipping, and my strong passion and interest in driving triple bottom line focus across the amazing shipping industry, I am now planning a learning tour to explore and learn more about how spearhead companies approach business transformation.

I’m currently undergoing a masterclass in strategic innovation to build new insights on transformation of the shipping industry.

As a school dropout and former entrepreneur, working my way up since the age of 16, before taking on various management & board roles in shipping, I have experienced that theoretical learning works best combined with operational/practical insights. And that the value of sharing across silos and industries is invaluable.

Hence, as part of this program I plan spending the coming months to learn more about how the energy transformation, sustainability focus and digital technology will impact a number of very different industries.

As part of this educational process I am currently planning a global tour to visit and spend time with various companies and leaders I perceive to be game-changers in their field – across the span of transportation/logistics, core shipping, finance, tech and cargo owners. My aim is to learn more about how leaders and organizations work to crush silos & change their own industries, use their power to impact & influence their business partners towards more sustainable business, and to explore their approach and initiatives on hitting the next curve.

I will blog about my experiences as part of the project. Each company will have the right to pre-approve content and set limitations ref to confidentiality/competition requirements. I’m very flexible on timing and location.

In exchange I will share my insights and experiences from working as a change agent within shipping.

So if you represent a company that fits this description and could be interested in a “mini internship” visit by me, I will be most grateful for ideas and tips!

Best regards

Sustainability Explorer

Birgit M. Liodden

+47 95171389

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