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Finally, its official! After 3 really exciting years, I am planning new adventures in 2018 and beyond. I feel so grateful to have had the chance to work with such an amazing team and platform at Nor-Shipping, and will follow the exciting developments of Sofia, Kent, Elisabeth, Heidi & Per Martin with great interest and cheer for their projects. And I will miss the many fantastic colleagues at Norway Trade Fairs; a great group of hard-working, creative, warm, funny and open people – you guys rock, and I wish you all the best!

As of today my key focus will be to strengthen key strategic competencies, dedicate time to learn and explore more in-depth across the axes of sustainability, digital and diversity. Get my hands dirty and gain knowledge for a transforming industry. I will also continue to use my voice to advocate positive change in the world’s most exciting industry – shipping! I can’t say much about my next role yet, but stay tuned… I can promise you that it will be chosen primarily by the heart, and my desire to impact.

Here is the official press release from Nor-Shipping, and I am so proud to have recruited two amazing and dedicated people during he previous years – kick ass Sofia & Per Martin!!

Press release: Liodden leaves Nor-Shipping for new opportunities

Birgit M. Liodden has decided to leave Nor-Shipping and the Norway Trade Fair to pursue new opportunities.

“Liodden joined us in February 2015, with the mandate to build relevance & visibility across the industry”, says Trade Fair CEO Gunn Helen Hagen. “Her capabilities on predicting strategic changes and set a new direction, while boosting visibility for Nor-Shipping, has been instrumental in strengthening our position and relevance.

A dedicated change agent for this industry, she has worked tirelessly to increase operational and financial efficiency whilst building bridges between entrepreneurs, tech, the next generation of maritime talents and established corporate players. Under her leadership Nor-Shipping delivered the first global maritime event founded on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and developed a range of innovative and successful concepts across our platform, including her initiatives Disruptive Sustainability Hall and Festival Street. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank her for all her hard work.”

Liodden comments: “Shipping is where my heart lies, and I now felt the need to spend time developing my own competence in areas I consider to be critical, and where I can continue to use my voice”. She is currently undergoing a master-class on strategic innovation, and she is planning to visit a number of spearhead companies across the transportation value chain to learn more about how they approach transformation. “I am also entering into a project with a Norwegian environmental NGO on emission reductions in shipping, and look forward to both developing my competence and career and return to Nor-Shipping as a visitor in the future”, says an enthusiastic Liodden.

Tanggaard new Nor-Shipping Director

Per Martin Tanggaard, who previously held the role as Exhibition Director, is now taking over as Director for Nor-Shipping; a well-earned recognition after stepping in as Acting Director of Nor-Shipping already in August last year.

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