Tokyo Countdown: Bookworm Heaven

What are your best Tokyo experiences? Easter Thursday I’ll be heading to Tokyo strictly for pleasure, meeting Jenny from Alfred Berg who travels in from Korea. What a perfect timing for my first ever visit to Japan!

Japan’s been on my bucket list for years, and for some odd reason I’ve never got the chance to visit before. I’ve got five full days to explore the best of Tokyo – super grateful for any good insiders’ ideas & tips on where to stay and what to explore!

My plans so far include loads of pink cherry blossoms and a night at the cutest bookstore hotel ever, perfect for a bookworm like me, before Jenny arrives from Seoul..

I arrive just after Slush Japan, but trust there’ll be loads of techies still in town. Cathy Hodge from DigitalShip is also around, prior to Sea Japan. So might be quite a fun trip, this one…🍸

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      1. I hope so I didn’t find too many English books and had too many things to do to read in Japanese ( takes me too much time). The view and sofa near the window were really great so… I tried other great capsules if you’re interested but without the books 😄

      2. I tried 3 different capsules in Kyoto last year I wrote an article about it. This year I’m adding another the samurai sthing can’t remember now.

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